Set values in DataFrame with Boolean index in pandas

If you want to set values in pandas data frame with Boolean vectors, you will likely get an error described below.

Have you ever come across this error below when you want to set some values in the pandas data frame?


SettingWithCopyWarning: A value is trying to be set on a copy of
a slice from a DataFrame

See the caveats in the documentation:

"""Entry point for launching an IPython kernel.

Is the warning you get similar to the code below? By setting some values to the pandas data frames with index and column name?

df.some_col_name[index]="A value to set"

df.loc[index,some_col_name]="A value to set"

The correct way to do this is

df.some_col_name.where(~index,other="A value to set")

If you do the where syntax and you get an error like

bad operand type for unary ~: 'float'

It is because that the index is not a boolean, you need to convert the pandas series into boolean values using the code below.


df.some_col_name.where(~index,other="A value to set")

This is really annoying and very counter-intuitive and stupid if you are coming from R or Matlab(I suppose?).

Gonna add more pandas fix to the blogs as I learned along the way.

If you want to know more about SettingWithCopyWarning in pandas. You could check out this detailed blog by Dataquest.